Research Programs

The Global Information Society Project (GISP) is a collaborative research project between the Stilwell Center and the World Policy Institute. GISP is engaged in a series of research programs that seek to identify and articulate through public forums and publication the key issues that lie at the intersection of technologically enabled change and existing information and communication practices and policies. Kim Taipale is the director of the project.

GISP is currently engaged in the following programs:

Program on Law Enforcement and National Security in the Information Age.

Program on Telecommunications and Cybersecurity Policy.

Program on Information Operations, Information Assurance, and Operational Resilience (Information Warfare Project).

Program on Intellectual Property and Free Trade.

Program on Information Technology as Agent of Change in Environmental and Energy Policy.

Additional programs are under development and GISP is interested in partnering with other research organizations, government agencies, and/or corporate sponsors on these or other programs.

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